Long-term position open at Teagasc

Long-term position open at Teagasc

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An interview with Root2Res deputy coordinator, Tim George

this is an extract of the article "Resilient Crops: Rooting for Sustainability in Horizon Europe" published by UKRI "In the quest for sustainable agriculture, Horizon Europe partners with projects like ROOT2RES, which explores the untapped potential of plant root...

Root2Res at Les Culturales

Root2Res has participated in Les Culturales, the French biggest field show dedicated to arable crops and organized by ARVALIS. This year, the event gathered 15 000 participants over 2 days, mainly producers, advisors, scientists but also students and policy makers. It...

ICARDA is offering a PhD fellowship

A new position has opened within Root2Res, as ICARDA (International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas) aims to hire a researcher in the ICARDA Environment for Moroccan nationals and candidates who have a current residency in Morocco. All...

The University of Dundee looks for a postdoctoral research assistant

A new position has opened within Root2Res, as the University of Dundee aims to gaining novel insights into the molecular basis of root adaptation to the environment

Long-term position open at Teagasc

As part of the Root2Res project, Teagasc is looking for a post doctoral researcher in soil and crop microbiome

Root2Res is launched!

The project Kick-Off Meeting was held in France from September 14 to 16

As part of the Root2Res project, Teagasc is looking for a post doctoral researcher in soil and crop microbiome. This long-term contract opportunity is oriented towards studying how crop genetics control root and rhizosphere microbial phenotypes, and how these interact with the environment to deliver an integrated crop resilience to climate stress. Applying process is open until January 17th – follow this link for more information in the Teagasc Opportunities Portal.

The position will be primarily based in the Environment and Land Use Department from Teagasc, based at Johnstown Castle, Wexford. As Ireland’s leading research institute on soils and environment related research and conducts research on soil health, soil-plant interactions, biodiversity, nutrient efficiency, water quality, gaseous emissions and agroecology, they will contribute to the microbial aspects of Root2Res.

Teagasc, the Agriculture and Food Development Authority, is the national public body providing integrated research, advisory, education and training services to the Irish agri-food sector. Its contribution to Root2Res also includes the Crop Science Department, based at Oak Park Research Centre (Carlow), the home of the Teagasc/IPM Potato Group Potato Breeding programme, which is supported by an experienced potato genetics and genomics research group. These groups are focused on identifying and understanding the underlying genetics of potato root characteristics involved in resistance to abiotic stresses.