Root2Res at Les Culturales

Root2Res at Les Culturales

Root2Res has participated in Les Culturales, the French biggest field show dedicated to arable crops and organized by ARVALIS. This year, the event gathered 15 000 participants over 2 days, mainly producers, advisors, scientists but also students and policy makers. It was an amazing experience as it was the first time Root2Res joined a large scale fair and met with its french stakeholders.

Root2Res project held a workshop gathering 12 participants with a wide range of profiles (breeders, producers, advisors, agronomists, scientists) in order to determine the priorities in terms of root traits to be further investigated in relation to limiting production factors. It was also discussed the current limitations of root systems phenotyping regarding the different objectives (breeding, agronomic study, measurements in farmers’ fields) and to discuss possible innovations and tools to overcome them.

In addition to this workshop, a visit to the technical area of the show was organized to illustrate the work carried out on root systems by ARVALIS and its partners, notably in relation with roots phenotyping methods. It was an opportunity to demonstrate how soil pits and minirhizotrons work and the root-related information they enable to capture.

Finally, a specific booth dedicated to European project had also been set up and served as a forum for raising awareness among farmers and other agricultural operators of the issues addressed by Root2Res project and the contribution of root systems to the resilience of cropping systems in the face of climate change.

Here you can see some of the pictures that were taken in the event. Thank you to everyone that participated and took photos having a great time there!


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