An interview with Root2Res deputy coordinator, Tim George

An interview with Root2Res deputy coordinator, Tim George

this is an extract of the article “Resilient Crops: Rooting for Sustainability in Horizon Europe” published by UKRI

“In the quest for sustainable agriculture, Horizon Europe partners with projects like ROOT2RES, which explores the untapped potential of plant root systems. Roots, often overlooked, are pivotal in nutrient absorption and water retention.

Collaborating closely with Horizon Europe and like-minded stakeholders, ROOT2RES aims to revolutionize crop resilience. Their mission: creating crops that thrive in adversity while reducing agriculture’s environmental impact. This partnership has also secured a Horizon Europe guarantee grant, ensuring the UK’s continued involvement in this vital EU-funded project. This commitment is crucial in the effort to make crops more resilient to climate change.

Discover how this partnership is unearthing solutions to global challenges, such as food security and climate change, by nurturing resilient crops and cultivating a greener future for all.”

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Pictures Credits: James Hutton Institute