TEAGASC is looking for a Research Officer

TEAGASC is looking for a Research Officer

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A new position has opened within Root2Res, as the TEAGASC (Agriculture and Food Development Authority) aims to hire a research officer in the Teagasc Environment, Soils and Land-use Department in Johnstown Castle, Wexford. 

All candidates must submit their application before the 4th of May by following this link.

The successful applicant will carry out research that will increase our understanding of how crop genetics control root and rhizosphere microbial phenotypes, and how these interact with the environment to deliver an integrated crop resilience to climate stress. The impact of plant-soil interactions on the capacity of soil microbial communities to carry out important biogeochemical cycling functions, including carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling, will be assessed on cereal, potato, and legume annual crops. This work will be carried out as part of the Roots2Res project.

Johnstown Castle is well equipped with laboratory, greenhouse and field facilities to support a wide and innovative research programme, as well as 190 hectares of farmland. It has a wide-ranging and active programme on soil and plant microbiomes in agricultural systems.